PC Gaming

We want your gaming experience to be the best possible. To make this happen we’ve invested in high spec gaming kit from our friends at Overclockers.  Overclockers are well respected in the PC gaming industry for the quality of their products and service.

They’ve not let us down at Langasm, the quality of the build is plain to see through the window of the beautiful NZXT 340 cases.

We haven’t forgotten human comforts, starting at where you rest your bones, we’ve brought you the European Hardware Awards 2017 Best Gaming Chair in the sumptuous Noble Chairs Epic Series, believe me, these are amongst the very comfiest chairs you’ve ever sat in. 

We use Intel’s i5 quad core processor in 7th gen Kaby Lake running at 3.4Ghz and 16GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR4 RAM.

We bring you Windows 10 in a Samsung SSD so you experience the fastest Windows can be and not to be let down by a poorer internet connection we also bring you our very own BTNet leased line giving us uncontended 200Mbps upload and download speeds so we can connect at the best possible speed to more gamers around the world without fear of the dreaded “lag” that lesser connections may experience.

Our keyboards are the top of the range SteelSeries Apex M800 and backed up with the Cougar Minos gaming mouse gently nestled on an Overclockers XXL gaming mat.

We look after your ears too with the Corsair Void 7.1 surround sound headset, another recent award winner at the European Hardware Awards.

  • PC Gaming

    • 1 hr
    • £5.00
    • Select from a huge range of PC games and play on top spec PC Kit.


    • 1 hr
    • £20.00
    • View what games / experiences are available for you to try on your visit.

  • VR Experience

    • 1 hr
    • £20.00
    • Select from a range of VR games and experiences on top spec PC Kit.